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Gen C.

I had a great experience buying my first home with Shafran Realty Group! I found them through yelp and after reading their awesome reviews I decided to give them a try after interviewing multiple realtors. As a first time home buyer, I had a lot of questions. David Diboll was helpful from the very start. Upon our first meeting he had pre-printed packets on each of the local zip codes with statistics on home value, medium costs, schools, safety, etc. I loved it! I wouldn’t say that buying the home was “easy” or “stress free,” but I would say that David and his team made it as easy as possible.

David was very responsive and got me into homes ASAP! There were a few times where I texted him at 11am and he was able to get us in the home just hours later. As a buyer in the hot hot San Diego market, this was obviously a huge asset. Rather than take on 10-20 clients at a time, David will only take 4-5 so that he is available to you when you need him. I really appreciated this approach and absolutely feel that it helped me close on my new home. David took the time to listen to my needs, and gave me his open and honest opinion on each home that we saw. He cared more about helping me find the right home than closing on a sale. A cousin of mine was house hunting at the same time as me…He and his fiancee put in offers on 8 different homes before getting an accepted offer! 8!!! Can you imagine?! With David’s help, I only had to put in an offer on 2 homes before finding my forever house!

…Then came escrow. It was certainly stressful at times getting all of my financials together in order to get the purchase loan, but David and the Shafran Realty Group have a great team of people working for you. Obviously, they want you to get the loan approved so you can buy the home, but they made sure to check in every few days to see if I needed anything in the meantime. We were able to close in 29 days, and David actually negotiated a better deal for me during the “request for repairs” phase than I had originally requested. How great is that?!

*IF* I am in the position where I need to buy again within San Diego county, I will definitely come back to David and the Shafran Realty Group!